Live @ The Academy

Friday 23rd August My Pyrrhic Victory will be launching their debut album “Equinox” in The Academy. Support on the night is from The DC Experiment and Challenged By Everest and Special Edition copies of the album will be available.

Amsterdam – the inside story!

22nd Feb 2013. The DC Experiment’s first international tour!! Starting and ending in Amsterdam with no gigs in between….ok, that’s all there is actually. We’re on a one-city, 2 gigs tour and we’re maxing it to the limit. We may well have been a big international act, such was the welcome we received, and the pleasure we got was in proportion. Here’s how it went….

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Night in Sept – the final version!!

Well, the Night in September video is completed and available for all to view! Oh happy days; we really like. Great job done by Alba in making it what it is, a replication in film of the song, both in narrative and in feeling. First music video too; now you know what it’s like to work with temperamental musicians; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Looking forward to seeing what Alba gets up to next; she’s always cooking up something.

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Claire S Kane – Music Review

It is always twice as impressive when a band of smaller sizes makes a powerfully loud yet pleasant record than when a larger band does the Same. The DC Experiment is a band of three members and they can make quite a melodious racket as proven by their 2010 release, ‘Parallel Universe’. It is quite disappointing that this band has not made it to the humble heights that many of their counterparts have; however it is quite enjoyable to know that this gem has been lurking in the rough,  appreciated thoroughly by a select few.

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