Night in Sept – the final version!!

Well, the Night in September video is completed and available for all to view! Oh happy days; we really like. Great job done by Alba in making it what it is, a replication in film of the song, both in narrative and in feeling. First music video too; now you know what it’s like to work with temperamental musicians; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Looking forward to seeing what Alba gets up to next; she’s always cooking up something.

I love the chemistry between Benz and Miranda during the video; Benz is the actor, but Miranda acted brilliantly by just being herself; they really worked so well together.

We’ve been busy bees recently, playing gigs in the city, planning for our 2 gig trip to Amsterdam a the end of the month, recording and rehearsing. It’s so much fun though, and in the middle of it all, I had the mad notion to celebrate my birthday by having a re-formed after 7-years Trip Hazard play a double bill with The DC Experiment. Madness in retrospect, but what a night!! What a mad egotisical notion it even was, and is, but I had such a blast and everyone else seemed to too! Alba was whizzing around taking photos and videos, a cake was delivered by my event organising daughter Lauren in the middle of the Trip Hazard set, which was a complete happy trip, seeing Rob on my cool right, occasionally joined by original member Siobhan on vocals and tambourine/shaker (Siobhan has natural Rhythm!), laughing with Eugene behind the kit, and bouncing of Paul strutting his stuff on his freshly-strung Rickenbacker (is that how it’s spelt?), his St. Patricks Athletic scarf hanging cheekily from his amp, and squeezing every last ounce out his jammed packed box of effects pedals! Just like old time lads; we’ll do it all again!!

By the time it came to The DC set; I was happily running on empty, Adrian was….happy…..and Benz was professionally together thank goodness! Couldn’t find a set list when we got on stage, so we just blasted away, and Miranda joined us for more tunes this time, including a punk version of our ukelele song Take it Easy on Yourself; can’t wait to play in her home turf in a few weeks time.

I love this ‘being in a band’ buzz; it’s gets better and better, ’til the next time……DC

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