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It is always twice as impressive when a band of smaller sizes makes a powerfully loud yet pleasant record than when a larger band does the Same. The DC Experiment is a band of three members and they can make quite a melodious racket as proven by their 2010 release, ‘Parallel Universe’. It is quite disappointing that this band has not made it to the humble heights that many of their counterparts have; however it is quite enjoyable to know that this gem has been lurking in the rough,  appreciated thoroughly by a select few.

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hotpresslogogold Hotpress Magazine Review 2010

First Cuts ‘Pick of the Fortnight’ – The DC Experiment

The DC Experiment are a three-man Dublin-based rock band that comprises an Irishman, a Hungarian and a Frenchman. Their debut album Parallel Universe opens with the thumpingly good ‘The Call’ with admirably sneery vocals from Dave Conway. ‘Easy’ is a classy laid-back ballad that had a sinister feel and a brooding vocal, at times akin to Lloyd Cole, that sneaks up on you.

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nearfm Live in Near FM


Don’t miss the DC Experiment on Near FM !!! Interview and live performance, not to be missed !! Tune in at 8pm @ or turn that dial to 90.3 !!

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balcony tv Parallel Universe on Balcony TV

The DC Experiment on Balcony TV, Dublin, 2009

With Jean Philippe Morer on Drums

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