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Night in September Night in Sept – the final version!!

Well, the Night in September video is completed and available for all to view! Oh happy days; we really like. Great job done by Alba in making it what it is, a replication in film of the song, both in narrative and in feeling. First music video too; now you know what it’s like to work with temperamental musicians; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Looking forward to seeing what Alba gets up to next; she’s always cooking up something.


shooting Shooting the video ‘Night In September’

Diary of a Day in December shooting a Night in September Dec 16th 2012 by Dave

The context: I’m doing something that I’ve never had the bottle to do before, to take a mad notion of creating a collaborative artistic project and just do it. I’ve been a performing musician for exactly 30 years, always hovering around on the fringes, never in the limelight. I formed my first original rock band at the tender age of 34 and have had the most amazing time doing just that ever since.
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balcony tv Parallel Universe on Balcony TV

The DC Experiment on Balcony TV, Dublin, 2009

With Jean Philippe Morer on Drums

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